There is no place for this in ‘our’ culture

It’s been a long time that I’ve actually done any blogging. As a matter of fact, my old blog,, is still out there even though it’s inactive.

But I wanted to start putting some thoughts back down on paper because there has been this climate of hate, irresponsibility and just down right ‘stupidity’ in our culture that I just can’t get my hands around. And in this case, this particular topic involves sports and the need of entitlement to play but not deal with the consequences of one’s actions.

I know everyone has seen the video of Ray Rice and Janay Palmer Rice. And i know that at least in social media, we all have been talking about Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy and other NFL players who have been in the news as well. We’ve all probably even talked about the Atlanta Hawks situation. In any case, there are some things I need to put down and I’m sure not everyone is going to agree but I need to say them.

Let me begin with how the NFL has botched violence off the field…….

There is no way to say that Peterson made a mistake in this issue. Spanking is one thing but when marks are left, blood is spilt, there is a huge problem and NO parent should be saying, “it’s okay…it’s how I became who I am”.

When you have Hannah Storm and Chris Carter speaking out about how the NFL got it wrong, there is a definitely a problem.

Yes, I firmly believe that the NFL effed this up so bad that I wouldn’t trust them to open the door for me (no pun intended). I don’t believe Roger Goodell when he says that the league hasn’t seen the most recent footage because there is no inconceivable way that anyone in New York can tell any of us that it wasn’t possible.

“You are the NFL, yes it is very possible to have that footage!!”

And then I look at the owners of the 32 teams and how they are willing to let criminals play and look the other way. And one owner who I thought would have taken the lead in this domestic violence topic would be Jerry Richardson.

In case you don’t understand why I thought Richardson would be at the forefront, think of the Carolina Panthers’ biggest blemish in franchise history; the murder of Cherica Adams by former WR Rae Carruth. And if you really don’t get where I am coming from, maybe seeing the 12-year-old son that Carruth tried to kill as well will help you understand.

If anyone should have zero tolerance and not wanting his franchise tarnished it should be Richardson and yet it was only this morning that the team decided to deactivate Greg Hardy.

And that’s what I don’t get. This isn’t the same case as what Ray McDonald is going through.

Hardy went through the judicial system and he was convicted of the crime. The only reason why he is appealing is because he didn’t like the verdict.

And just like Ray Rice was ultimately suspended by the league, Richardson should have directed his general manager to suspend Hardy until the appeal is finalized.

And while the Minnesota Vikings may have ‘gotten’ it right but this is a knee jerk response.

Look, there is no place for abuse of any kind in our culture.

Grown men shouldn’t be telling other grown men how to be…well….grown ass men.

If the league can’t get this right, then we, as fans, need to help them get it right. I’m not talking about just boycotting or writing letters; it takes drastic measures by fans to make sure that a sports league understands that just because you are entertainment, that doesn’t mean we are in a reality show.

Let’s hope the NFL gets this finally right so that we get out of this dark place.


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